“Touch me not”

A new chapter: Dimasalang Ile de France
by Sir Carlos Arnaldo, KCR

March 2, 2008, marked the chartering of a new chapter in Europe, Dimasalang Ile de France. Sir Lino Paras KGOR, Regional Commander for Europe graced the occasion together with Belgian Knights, Sir Tony Guansing KGOR, Sir Bhoy Alcoba KGOR and Sir Rudy Nollas KGOR. Installed as Chapter Commander was Sir Carlos Arnaldo KCR, former Commander of the Paris Chapter ; Sir Bernard Pot KOR, Deputy Commander ; Sir Catalino S. Oabel KOR, Pursuivant ; Sir Leovegildo N. Mojica KCR as Chancellor ; Sir Jean-Michel Hermans KOR, Exchequer ; Sir Michel Poitevin KOR, Archivist ; Sir Henry Calicdan KOR, Trustee ; Sir Marcial Romaraog KR, Deputy Pursuivant ; Sir Melvin Reyes KR, Trustee : Sir Jean-Yves Dupras KR, Trustee ; and Sir Dominique Lemay KR, in Manila at this time. Due to illness of the candidate for induction, it was not possible to hold the ceremonies for Sir Jeffrey Religioso.

Sir Rudy Nollas, KGOR swore in the officers, each of whom signed their oath and submitted it to the Pursuivant for safekeeping. Sir Lino, KGOR, then read aloud the charter and presented the parchment to the Chapter Commander. The Pursuivant presented the chapter banner, written in French, “Ordre des Chevaliers de Rizal, Chapitre Dimasalang Ile de France.”

Speaking on behalf of the officers, Sir Bernard Pot thanked the European Regional Commander and his colleagues for their constant support and their highly appreciated presence. He expressed a lifelong wish that there be a youth centre for children of Filipino and French Filipino families, and that the Knights would contribute to bringing this about.

For their work in the preparation of the 3rd European Assembly in Paris last July, Sir Lino presented the Star of Distinguished Service to Sir Carlos Arnaldo, KCR and to Sir Leovegildo Mojica, KCR. Sir Leo also received the KCR medal as lifetime member of the Knights of Rizal.

The European Regional Commander then presented the plaque of the Supreme Council for the successful holding of the 3rd European Assembly of the Knights of Rizal last 29-30 July in Paris. The Knights were very grateful for this highly honored recognition.

The Episcopal Church of St Paul offered a silver plaque of appreciation for the support of the Knights of Rizal to their dramatic presentation on the Death Anniversary of the National Hero, last 30 December 2007.

After the Non Omnis Moriar, the whole group moved to a nearby Chinese restaurant for lunch and were joined by Ms Connie Chua, directress of the trilogie, Pluma, Pamaypay and Yantok, three original plays about Leona Florentino, Maria Clara and Sisa. Following this successful dramatic presentation, there were many calls for her talents in Paris and Brussels!

On the 2008 agenda are: a bus trip to the sites where Rizal lived or worked in Paris, publication of two books (Au Pays des Moines and José Rizal, un Heros Philippin pour l’Humanité), support and interface with the Philippine Embassy for the placement of a statue at the Place Dr José Rizal in Paris, dramatic presentation of the themes of Rizal, a cultural exhibit of the Philippines.

The Dimasalang Chapter appreciates the friendship and solidarity of all those Knights and Chapters who have supported us.

Dimasalang was Rizal’s personal translation of Noli Me Tangere. Ile de France describes the greater Paris area including the eight adjacent departments, approximately the 60 kilometres around the centre of Paris, which is the Cathedral of Notre Dame.






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  1. John Write Avatar
    John Write

    I am amazed how far the likes of Paras and his ilk have kept many blind to the truth(I have to use harsh words for many in Europe are not blind to the shenanigans he and his group have maintained these past two years). How come Americans are blind to the real story. Even the creation of a new chapter in Paris is controversial, hmmm…. Are the American knights subservient to IHQ? High time we practise real Rizalism. Wake brothers!

  2. […] of Rizal. He was formally inducted today at the Philippine Embassy in Paris, as member of the Dimasalang Ile de France Chapter. Exchequer and sponsor of Sir Dominique, Sir Jean-Michel Hermans administered the oath of Rizal. […]

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