Functional Committees

After the election of the members of the Supreme Council and the organization of the elected officers, the functional committees are reactivated or additional committees are created to carry out the various activities of the order. These Committees are as follows:

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is responsible, subject to the direction of the Supreme Council, for the formulation of guidelines, programs and operating policies and for the direction, coordination, and management of operations and activities of the Order. The Supreme Commander shall be the Chairman of the Committee and shall, have a membership not exceeding five, all of whom are members of the Supreme Council.

Public Issues Committee
The Committee on Public Issues gathers, collates, observes, analyzes and examines the vital public issues as it affects the goals and objectives of the Order in particular and of the country in general to the end that legitimate measures may be taken and pursued in keeping with the basic principles of freedom, justice, honor and general welfare.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee shall find ways and means of generating funds for the various activities and programs of the Order pursuant to its objectives and attend to such other matters pertaining to collection, disbursement and programming of the funds of the Order.

Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee
The Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee shall monitor legislative developments as it affects the Order and make studies and recommendations with the end in view of safeguarding the interest of the Order. The Chairman and/or Co-Chairman of the Committee shall in apropriale cases act as the Legal Counselor of the Order.

Protocol, Ceremonial and Heraldry Committee
This committee shall see to it that the approved rituals and ceremonies of the Order are observed and implemented. It may further make recommendations on the insignia, uniforms, banners, seals and other symbolic paraphernalia to be used or adopted by the Order, and to make such other recommendations for improvement or alteration of the same.

Nomination Committee
This committee shall receive and submit the names of qualified members for nominations to the Supreme Council on or at any annual election of trustees pursuant to the Code of By-Laws.

Publications and Research Committee
This committee shall gather, edit, collate, compile and recommend publication of all lectures, bulletin, speeches, and other scholarly works to the Supreme Council for distribution and dissemination to all chapters of the Order or the general public.

Public Relations Committee
This committee shall undertake programs to inform the general public of the activities of the Order and in the course thereof promote the objectives of the Order to a wider segment of’our society.

Prefectural Tribunal Committee
This committee shall undertake the screening of prospective members of the Order, conduct interviews and make recomrnendations of those qualified for admission to the various degrees of the Order in accordance with the Code of By-Laws. The committee may also recommend those deserving of conferment and awards including distinguished service cross and distinguished service star.

Kababaihang,Rizalista Committee
This committee shall provide a working relationship with the Kababaihang Rizalista as a counterpart organization and coordinate activities of interest to the Order and other affiliated organizations.

Esquires of Rizal and Kabataang Maka-Rizal Committee
This committee shall recommend program of activities for institutional chapters of students in schools, colleges and universities. Such recommendations on programs may refer to organization, supervision, discipline and compliance with rules and regulations promulgated by the Supreme, Council from time to time.

Visitation Committee
This committee shall undertake the visitation of chapters and whenever possible coordinate with regional and chapter commanders. Sub-committees may be formed in chapters to undervake visitation of members and friends of the Order.

June 19th and December 30th Celebrations Committee
T’his committee shall recommend and adopt measures to the end that appropriate activities or ceremonies are undertaken fo celebrate the birth and commemorate the death of our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal.

Social Action Committee
This Committee on Social Action brings in-to the fore the positive and dynamic Rizalist who is conscious of the plight of the less fortunate of our people. And, therefore, analyzes the problems of the people and the community, as he tries to alleviate the same to arrest hunger, disease, insecurity, destitution and depravation by extending legal, medical, dental, psychological, educational and other m6terial assistance, to lessen suffering and thereby promote peace and tranquility in society. The Rizalist then emulates the example of Rizal in Dapitan as a community worker.

Education and Seminars Committee
This committee shall undertake to recommend studies, programs and activities which will develop and improve the educational system attuned to the ideas and principles of Rizal specifically along character formation, nation-building, enlightened citizenship and progressive economic development.

Rizal Centennial (Dapitan) Committee
This committee shall make recommendations on program of activities on the 6elebration of Rizal’s Centenary in Dapitan, particular emphasis on his works in community development and related endeavors.

Rizal Essay and Oratorical Contests committee
The Essay and Oratorical Contest Committee shall prepare subject to Ine approval of the Supreme Council the criteria regarding the holding of essay and oratorical contests and for the purpose shall recommend the qualifications of the contestants, judges, venue, prizes, theme, sectors to be involved whether national or regional, and such other matters as may in it or its judgment would be conducive to the prorrtotion of the general objectives of the Order.

Community Service Committee
The Community Service Committee shall prepare plans, guidelines and programs to be pursued by the Order on a year-round basis and for the purpose it may designate and call the assistance of regional or chapter commanders in the implementation of its programs to effect civic, patriotic, social endeavors, and in appropriate cases to respond to the call of emergencies for humanitarian reasons.


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