The New Las Vegas Chapter

On December 30, 2008 during the 112th commemoration of the martyrdom of the Philippine National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, the newly chartered Order of the Knights of Rizal, Las Vegas chapter held its induction of officers and knighting of two new members at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, 4000 Falmingo Road, Las Vegas Nevada.

The officers of the Las Vegas chapter are: Sir Ronnie Escano, KCR chapter commander, (Sir Ronnie Escano, is a retired Lt. Commander of the U.S. Navy and presently the contract manager of the Southern Nevada Water District). Sir Dante Ulanday, deputy chapter commander, Sir Nap Ocampo, chancellor, Sir Martin Celemin, exchequer, Sir Nathaniel Pastrana, pursuivant, Sir Gary Velasquez, archivist, Sir Tony Sison, trustee, Sir Farid Buena, trustee/adviser, Sir Mario C. Borlongan, Sir Victor L. Baula and Sir Hubert DeLuna, council of elders. The members are Francis Zosa, Jr., Sir Freddie Ybanez, Sir Vicente Alcos, Sir Sonny Pangilinan and Sir Carlos Vasquez.

We are elated to hear from the Las Vegas chapter’s plan to bid to host the International Assembly of the Knights of Rizal for the year 2010. I believe we have sufficient time to invite more to become members of the chapter because it is easier to prepare when you have a lot of members who can help in the different committees to be organized. Remember – in unity there is strength. The International Assembly is only being be held in Manila only but Europe, Canada and the U.S. can still have their own respective regional assemblies. For all you know, the Supreme Council might make an exception if the International Assembly will be held in Las Vegas. If it cannot be done than probably Las Vegas chapter will bid to host the 3rd USA Regional Assembly.

We are also happy to hear that you have a fund raising project this coming April. That is a worthy project because it would help the chapter in accomplishing whatever goals it need to achieve in the future.

The youth is the hope of the country, so the Las Vegas Chapter of the Knights of Rizal intend to organize and hold programs commemorative of Rizal’s nativity and martyrdom such as seminars, oratorical and declamation contests.

Hopefully, one of the future projects of the Knights is to spearhead a fund raising for the erection of the statue of Dr. Rizal in the Phoenix metro area, and in Las Vegas metro area. The Knights in Chicago, Jersey City and in Pennsylvania, have already the statue of the Philippine National hero erected in their respective Rizal Plaza. They have also the statue of Rizal in Madrid, in Heidelberg, in Fujian province in China (Rizal’s great grandfather was born in China) in Hawaii, and Chile, etc.
Brother knights, congratulations again and continue to do the good works in spreading the teachings of our national hero.

Non Omnis Moriar! God bless.
Sir Tom D. Rodriguez, KGOR
Area Commander for Western USA






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