The Marvelous Adventures of the Amazing Dr. Rizal

What if Rizal didn’t die in 1896, because he drank Christ’s Blood from the San Greal. And what if Rizal was then able to manipulate Philippine History into what we read in the books. What if he became immortal. Fiction. Sure! But that’s the premise of a still to be released book from the talented Filipino comic book artist Gerry Alanguilan. The book hopes to reveal the different facets of Jose Rizal. As he was a genius, an inventor, an adventurer, surgeon, teacher, chef, scientist, time-traveler, astronomer, astronaut, pilot, sub-mariner, playboy, 100% Filipino and most important of all, HERO.

Gerry hopes to celebrate Jose Rizal as a true Filipino hero, in ‘ways we’ve never imagined, but perfectly consistent with who he was a real person and human being’. To be faithful to who the real Jose Rizal was, characteristics that he was known to have, good or bad.

We can only pray that Gerry releases this soon to be epic for all of us to enjoy and celebrate our beloved National Hero.

Doroteo Gerardo N. Alanguilan, Jr. or better known as Gerry Alanguilan (born January 20, 1968) is a Filipino comic book artist and writer from San Pablo City, Laguna. Alanguilan created comics such as as Wasted, Johnny Balbona, Humanis Rex! and ELMER. He also contributed to anthologies like Siglo: Freedom, Siglo: Passion and Filipino Komiks, all published in the Philippines. In the United States, he is known as inker for such titles like Wetworks, X-Men, Superman: Birthright, Wolverine, High Roads, Fantastic Four, and Silent Dragon. He has also worked alongside with Leinil Francis Yu and Whilce Portacio.






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  1. Gerry Alanguilan Avatar

    Hello! Thanks very much for posting this. I just want to let everyone know that I will be treating Jose Rizal with the utmost respect that he truly deserves. Comic books in the Philippines have done a lot of growing up in the last 15 years because of creators who treat comics as art, not just cheap throwaway entertainment. This might take a while to finish because of current commitments, but it’s a project that I will finish and get published one way or the other. It’s a project I’m most passionate about, and it’s something I will see to the end.

    Just a note on the first part of this blog entry. The bits about Rizal being immortal, drinking Christ’s blood and manipulating history are parts of the initial idea by another writer. I went into another direction when I took on the project and removed the more fantastic (and potentially controversial) things, and made it into a straight adventure that can be appreciated by readers of all ages.

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