Stage Dramatic Trilogie : Pluma, Pamaypay, Yantok

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Knights of Rizal Paris Chapter
Stage Dramatic Trilogie : Pluma, Pamaypay, Yantok
By Sir Carlos Arnaldo, KCR
Chapter Commander

As a special tribute to the honour of our national hero, Dr José Rizal, the Knights of Rizal Paris Chapter co-sponsored with the Charismatic Episcopal Church of Saint Paul a trilogie of dramatic presentations. They were appropriately named Pluma, symbol of the pen of Leona Florentino, Philippine poet who lived at the time of Rizal; Pamaypay, the ever waving abanico of Maria Clara, heroine of Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere; and Yantok, the rod symbolising the beatings given to the less known Sisa, by her husband Pedring.

The trilogie was opened with the recitation of the Ultimo Adios in four languages by Dr José Rizal. Sir Leo Mojica, KOR, recited the original Spanish. Sir Jess Sunga KOR, gave a very fluent version of the Pilipino. Sir Jhun Oabel KOR, read the English, and Sir C. Arnaldo KCR rendered the French version. Sir Marc Romaraog held the Chapter Banner. We all closed this ceremony with the Non Omnis Moriar, also in four languages.

The life of Leona Florentino was especially inspiring because she lived at almost the same time as José Rizal, but in Ilocos. She was an early activist for women’s rights, especially the freedom to write and express oneself freely, the right to education and the right to vote. Leona was artistically interpreted by Ms Angus Santos, according to the dramatic piece, Isang Sulyap by Ruth Mabanglo.

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In writing the Noli me Tangere, Rizal did not write everything about Maria Clara and Sisa. Hence, several writers, such as Nick Pichay (Balutan ng mga Gamot at Pagkain) and Chris Millado (La Nazarena) used their poetic licence to develop these two stories about Maria Clara and Sisa. The two Rizal heroines were brilliantly interpreted by Ms Connie Chua as Sisa ‘la Nazarena,’ and by Ms Daryl Sipe as Maria Clara, the spoiled and amourous collegiala. Tony Mungkal acted as the ‘foil’ in both these pieces, playing Crisostomo Ibarra with Daryl in Pamaypay, and Pedrin, the drunken gambling husband of Sisa in Yantok. Tony played the full range from comedy to tragedy.

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Daryl showed special talent in teasing the audience with her spontaneous vulgar language on the one hand, and more teasingly ‘amorous’ words for Crisostomo on the other. Both played well to the audience, showing the tension, the frolicking and the devastation of colonial times, particularly when Crisostomo confirms to Maria Clara that Padre Damaso is her real father.

Connie Chua showed the dramatic breadth of her emotions in this portrayal of Sisa, the humble and modest housewife, but the victim of a lazy husband and prey of the guardia civil and the church.

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In view of the highly successful presentation of this dramatic trilogie, it has been suggested by the Episcopal Church of St Paul and seconded by the Knights of Rizal that future presentations should be organised in cooperation with the various Philippine community Associations, especially to reach the other 60,000 Filipinos living in Paris.






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  1. Gian Carlo de Jesus Avatar
    Gian Carlo de Jesus


    I’m a student in college from Los Baños, Laguna…i’m interested in theater for my thesis. in lieu with this, can i request copies of the scripts used in the production sent to my email? your response will be very much appreciated..

    thanks a lot…

    Gian de Jesus

  2. choy arnaldo Avatar
    choy arnaldo


    Thank you for your interest. I did not see you message before. I have to ask the playright Connie Chua, and the authors. But I think they will be pleased to offer you their scripts. As long as their authorship is duly recognised on playbill and programme.

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