Places to visit: Seattle’s Dr. Jose Rizal Park

Seattle Viewpoints: Dr. Jose Rizal Park
12th Ave S, Seattle, King, Washington, United States
Jose Rizal Park lies at the foot of the Pacific Medical Center, corner of 12th Avenue S. and S Judkins Street, Beacon Hill.


Notes and Tips

One of Seattle’s top lookouts, the park is well maintained, full of interesting features, and a delight in which to spend time. The park takes the form of a series of terraces following the slope of 12th Avenue S. Each terrace houses one of an array of amenities, including a small amphitheatre, small children’s play area, covered picnic tables, car park and public restrooms. There are also uncovered benches and picnic tables, and various sculptures. Artwork includes a mural/mosaic titled “East is West”, by the late Seattle University Art Professor Valeriano “Val” Laigo.

The park has a history of being associated with the Filipino community, the largest group of Asian Americans in the Seattle area, with an estimated population of 30,000. Dr. Jose Rizal was a Filipino patriot who, during his short life, made lasting contributions to medicine, political and social reform, engineering and a large number of other disciplines. Now regarded by the Filipinos as a national hero, he was executed by the Spanish as a result of being accused of complicity in the Filipino insurrection of 1896.

Also dedicated in memory of Rizal is the nearby bridge that forms part of 12th Avenue South. The 420-foot-long Rizal Bridge was built in 1912 and is one of Seattle’s original steel bridges.

You also might like to visit the Beacon Hill Viewpoint, although the viewpoint doesn’t have anything like the amenities of Rizal Park. The easiest way to visit both is to stay on bus number 36 to the viewpoint, and then stop off at Rizal Park on the return trip.

The Views

Rizal Park offers 90º views over Elliot Bay, the Port of Seattle, I-5, and the southern side of downtown. A funny thing about the angle on downtown, is that the Space Needle is hidden from view. But there is a lovely shot of the Smith Building.

Best time for photos is in the AM.

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