Is Maria Clara the Paragon of Filipino Womanhood? – A Postscript

By Sir Felix O. Gonzales, KGOR
Deputy Area Commander
Central USA

There have been a lot of controversies regarding Maria Clara as to being an ideal Filipina. And because of this, the Chicago Chapter of the Order of the Knights of Rizal came up with an idea of inviting a speaker who is an authority on this area.

The speaker that spoke on this topic happens to be a descendant of the national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.  This person is none other than Dr. Ramon G. Lopez.  Dr. Lopez is a physician by profession and his parents and siblings are all now living in Illinois.

Dr. Ramon G. Lopez and his family receiving the plaque of appreciation from Sir Boni Cenir, KGOR Area Commander, Central USA assisted by Sir Oscar Valdez, KCR, Chapter Commander of the Chicago Chapter.

Dr. Lopez is a descendant from the Paciano side of the Rizal family. During his speech held last October 20, 2007 at the Dr. Jose Rizal Heritage Center in Chicago. Dr. Lopez mentioned that Paciano is otherwise known as the “Silent Hero.”  It was Paciano who inspired and helped Dr. Jose Rizal pursue his study of Medicine. It was Paciano who was instrumental in the hero’s endeavors.

Sir Oscar Valdez, KCR, Chapter Commander of the Chicago Chapter receiving the photograph of Dr. Jose Rizal in Barong Tagalog from Dr. Ramon G. Lopez. This photograph is currently on display at the Rizal Heritage Center, Knights of Rizal Library in Chicago.

The evening’s activity was attended by several knights, ladies, friends and guests from the different chapters of Central USA.  Rev. & Mrs. Frank and Aimee Hillard memoirs of a friend to the Rizal Family was read. Consul Orantes Castro of the Consulate General of the Philippines in Chicago gave the inspirational talk. After the speech of Dr. Lopez, there was time for questions and answers from the audience.  A plaque of appreciation to Dr. Lopez was presented by Sir Boni Cenir, KGOR, Area Commander for Central USA. In return, the Lopez family donated a portrait of Dr. Jose Rizal in Barong Tagalog for the Order of the Knight of Rizal Library. The evening’s affair is in celebration of the 30th foundation year of the Order.






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