Dr. Jose Rizal Square



To the Patriotic Philippine Artists and Intellectuals Los Indios Bravos who were reunited here in the 1880’s at the Studio of the Painter Juan Luna. On Behalf of their Spiritual Heirs of the 1980’s.

History of Paris
The Flowered City

In 1878, a developer began the construction of a series of artist’s studios with materials recycled from the dismantling of the Universal Exposition, upon a vacant area next to a small 18th century house. The fame of the renters and occupants would make the City famous: Eugene Grasset, initiator of the 1900 style; Pierre Roy, painter of surrealist still lifes. Rodin, Bourdelle and Maillot polished their bronzes here. The studio of Daniel de Monfreid was Gaugin’s precarious loging. No. 9 was that of Modigliani; No. 22 housed Jean-Paul Laurens, then Cesar Domela. In 1973, the determination of the painter Cadiou and artists of the City made it a protected site.







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  1. choy arnaldo Avatar
    choy arnaldo

    Sir Felix
    Maganda ang continuation mo ng news sa Assembly natin!
    Maraming salamat!

  2. Lourdes Estonanto Avatar
    Lourdes Estonanto

    I’ve been to Chezh Repulbic with some of the KNR from Belgium. I wasn’t able to join the KNR Assembly in France due to previous commitment. I am an officer of MORAL RECOVERY PROGRAM OFFICER FOUNDATION headed by UP PROF. CONSOLACION ALARAS. We are planning to hold a gathering there next year as the group is planning an event there. How can we join the USA assembly? anyway, MY HUSBAND Is also a Rizal enthusiast. He’s been to Spain as scholar on Art Conservation and works at Art conservator in Philippine National Museum.

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