Ambeth Ocampo lectures on history and heroes in Vienna

ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau
Noted Filipino historian and newspaper columnist Dr. Ambeth Ocampo gave a lecture in Vienna clearing up the roles of the Philippine’s national heroes, ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau reported.

Ocampo’s lecture, entitled “Bridging the cultural and generation gap among second generation Filipinos in Europe.” – took place on April 23, 2008 at the Philippine Embassy in Vienna.

In his lecture, Ocampo placed history in another light. It was an enriching seminar since he presented the history lecture in an approachable manner.

“The presentation was very enlightening and I did really learn some insights. The information is not new to me though it is again an invitation to look the situation from another perspective,” Fr. Caloy Boloran, SVD commented.

Michael Manuel, a 2nd generation Filipino praised Ocampo and said: “The presentation was very good because it cleared up the knowledge we have about (Andres) Bonifacio and (Jose) Rizal.”

Former United Nations employee Camilo Antonio said: I have been reading the books of Ambeth Ocampo and I am very much surprised the way he presents lectures like this. Interesting, not only approachable but motivates to re-think the way we talk about the past and way we move for the future. I am very much impressed.”

“I think it is very interesting to think about the history and should not only focus on the view of the Europeans and other historians,” Fritz Nentwich, an Austrian seminar participant said.

More than 50 Filipinos and Austrians attended the seminar. Prominent participants from Austria present were Dr. Gisela Reiterer, a political Scientist and Senior Lecturer at the University of Vienna, and University Prof. Dr. Alfred Radda, Dr. Johann Stockinger, IT- Kultur und Gessellschaft.

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