4th Canada Region Assembly in Montreal from Aug. 31- Sep. 2, 2013.

F2 4th CRA Montrel Flyer

Sir Judge Tom Rodriguez, KGOR
Region Commander, U.S.A.

Greetings to you and your wife.
I look forward to you (and your wife and Commanders) to join us as delegates to the 4th Canada Region Assembly in Montreal from Aug. 31- Sep. 2, 2013.

I am attaching the pertinent info documents FYI.

We are publishing a Souvenir Program. I will be happy to get a message from you as Region Commander of U.S.A. (complimentary). However, you could also solicit some advertisement from your Chapters or business friends (see attached Solicitation document). I hope that you and your wife can come over. A number of the regular delegates to Rizal Assemblies have signified their coming as a delegate. Note that we made an arrangment (less costs) for wives to join only the two dinners (Aug. 31 & Sep. 1) and tour Montreal at their leasure (See attached Registration Form).

Kindly relay this email to your other Area/ Chapter Commanders such as, Sir Roger Alana, KGCR, Sir Berango, KGOR, of California, Sir Gonzales, KGOR of Chicago, etc. It would be great to meet all of them in Montreal.

May I hear from you before July 31, particalrly how you coming and how long you plan to stay in Montreal. The rates at Hyatt Regency Hotel is reasonable , and will accept up to four guests. Many other hotels are also acessible within a few minutes by subway to the venue.

Thank You.

Sir George R. Poblete, KGCR
Canada Region Commander

Note: Some Region Commanders would like to present some award to their Knights during this Assembly. Obtain the approval from the Supreme Commander and get the medals, to allow us to do the presentation in Montreal. (Keep us informed, for logistic purposes.)

If you or your Knights and ladies would like to participate in the social program, get hold of Sir Rey Balansi, since he looks after the logistics. (Some of your delegates have been talking already with Sir Rey Balansi).

Thanks again.

Sir George

To: Deputy Regional Commander, Area Commanders and Chapter Commanders

Attached is an invitation, Canada Regional Assembly Montreal flyer, the tentative program/activities, registration form, delegates list and solicitation letter for Ad of the 4th Canada Regional Assembly that were sent to me by Sir George Poblete, Region Commander for Canada.

Please disseminate the same to all concern under your jurisdiction.

Fraternally yours in Rizal,

Sir Tom D. Rodriguez, KGOR
USA Regional Commander







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