The Knights of Rizal Leadership 2010-2012: my future, my responsibility

By Sir Carlos Arnaldo, KGOR
Manila, 30 May 2010 – On the theme, My future, my responsibility, 192 Knights cast their votes for the new leadership of the Knights of Rizal today at the Philippine Columbian auditorium. The new Council then elected its officers.

Elected to the Supreme Council for the Rizalian Year 2010 – 2012 are:
Sir Pablo S. Trillana III, KGOR Supreme Commander
Sir Reghis Romero II, KGOR Deputy Supreme Commander
Sir Jeremias C. Singson, KGOR Supreme Chancellor
Sir Samuel S. Samuela, KGOR Supreme Pursuivant
Sir Vicente G. Ramos, KGOR Supreme Exchequer
Sir Diosdado D. Santos, KGOR Supreme Auditor
Sir Carlos A. Arnaldo, KGOR Supreme Archivist
Sir Avelino I. Torres, KGOR Deputy Supreme Pursuivant
Sir Reynold A. Mateo, KGOR Deputy Supreme Exchequer

Sir Carlos Arnaldo, KGOR, Deputy Area Commander of France, was one of the four candidates for the overseas representative. Formal inauguration of the new Council will take place on 19 June 2010.

The assembly itself was well attended by Knights as well as supporting organisations. The youth, all graduates of the Rizal Youth Leadership Institute programme helped in logistics, especially for the election process. An Election Tribunal was previously appointed to set up the procedure, organise the balloting and canvass the votes. Sir Tirso D.C. Velasco, KGOR served as Presiding Chair.

Following a rousing rendition of the national anthem conducted by Sir Leopold B. Lopez, KGOR, Sir Pablo Trillana, the incumbent Deputy Supreme Commander welcomed the guests which included representatives from Belgium, Hawaii, France, and Germany. Chapters came from Marikina, Santa Rosa, Calatagan, Taytay, Tanza, Dasmariñas, Calamba, Iloilo, Misamis Oriental, Davao. Sir Reghis Romero, KGOR,incumbent Chancelor, duly acknowledged each and every one, adding his warm welcome and personal anecdotes on some knights and chapters.

Supreme Council Rizalian Year 2008-2010
Sir Virgilio Esguerra, KGCR Supreme Commander
Sir Pablo S. Trillana III, KGOR Deputy Supreme Commander
Sir Reghis Romero II, KGOR Supreme Chancellor
Sir Samuel S. Samuela, KGOR Supreme Pursuivant
Sir Vicente G. Ramos, KGOR Supreme Exchequer
Sir Jeremias C. Singson, KGOR Supreme Auditor
Sir George Poblete, KGOR Supreme Archivist
Sir Pedro A. Rosito, KGOR Deputy Supreme Pursuivant
Sir Ruben Madlansacay, KGOR Deputy Supreme Exchequer

Sir Vic Ramos, KGOR, and incumbent Supreme Exchequer gave the financial report showing clear ownership by the Order of its assets, that is the Order now has full and undisputed title to its properties. Despite several difficulties during the past two year period, the books showed a positive balance and significant earnings from activities.

Sir Virgilio Esguerra, KGCR, incumbent Supreme Commander then gave his report on the activities and operations of the Order during the past two years. He noted particularly the international and regional assemblies in Toronto 2008, Manila 2009, Prague 2009, as significant encounters of Knights from all nations. He reported on the aid of the knights to the victims of inundations caused by Ondoy and Pepe. Of particular importance in this period was the access to and use of the mass media, particularly newspapers and radio. There had been a significant increase of news of the Knights in the Manila Bulletin, Philippine Star and the Enquirer. Knights were often featured on radio and TV programmes. And the Order began issuing its own newspaper Bagumbayan, a tabloid size journal of 4 to 8 pages.

Sir Bert Nanquil, KGCR, Chairman of the Council of Elders then gave his inspira- tional message, focusing particularly on the coming election of Trustees of the Supreme Council. He urged that the Knights seek good, competent and capable persons, not just those who would pander favors and services. It is of utmost importance that the leadership be of unquestionable moral quality and ready to devote their time and talents to the spreading of the message of Rizal throughout the land. He also spoke of the origin of his own term as Supreme Commander in 1992. Some of the members of the Council hesitated to elect him as Supreme Commander because he had no ‘national stature,’ was not a famous politician or personality. But one member of the Council of Elders said that the qualities that Sir Bert did have were precisely what the Order needed to maintain its integrity and competence and respect nationwide, worldwide. If he were not elected as Supreme Commander, the Knights would fall with no leader to follow.

Council of Elders
Sir Lamberto C. Nanquil, KGCR Chairman
Sir Rogelio M. Quiambao, KGCR Member
Sir Vicente P. Palmon, KGCR Member (on leave)
Sir Carmelo T. Gempesaw, KGCR Member
Sir Jesus B. David, KGCR Member
Sir Jose D. Lina Jr., KGCR Member
Sir Hilario G. Davide Jr., KGCR Member

Just before lunch, Sir Emmanuel M. Cabusao, KGCR and Master of Ceremonies, explained that voting would take place during the lunch period and canvassing at 2:00 PM. He then called upon Sir Tirso, KGOR to explain the balloting and how to ensure correct voting so as to avoid nullified ballots. A separate room was allotted for the voting precinct. The OKOR staff aided by the youths of the RYLI assisted the voters.

In the afternoon, the members of the Election Tribunal assisted by the RYLI read out each ballot, first attesting to its validity. Over the next hour, the voting pattern became increasingly evident and when all the votes were counted, the Tribunal Chairman read out the winning names of the new Supreme Council. The Council Members then withdrew to a private room to elect their officers. They returned to the main hall where the Chairman of the Council of Elders proclaimed the new leadership. This was the moment of deep emotion as Sir Pablo Trillana, KGOR, the new Supreme Commander assumed his post and called up Sir Virgilio Esguerra, KGCR, the outgoing Supreme Commander to give his valedictory.

The day ended with a euphoric exhilaration, as if holding one’s breath all day awaiting the outcome of the elections. Everyone was satisfied with the results and wished the new leadership all success.

The youth were a particularly inspiring presence, a constant reminder that this was what the Knights were all about, to deliver that essential message of Rizal to the young people, that education was most important to bring upright leadership to the country and prevent us from reverting to a colonialism not by the Spaniards, or the Japanese, or the Americans, but by our own people.






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