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  • After reading ‘Noli,’ you may now view Rizal novel

    via Inquirer – MANILA, Philippines — Twenty-eight oil paintings by a Filipino artist depict key scenes in Jose Rizal’s “Noli Me Tangere,” the first time that the novel has been so extensively celebrated in oil on canvas. Although Juan Luna did illustrations for the “Noli” as a gift to Rizal, these were never published with […]

  • Noli Me Tangere: Notes

    NOTES [1]–Quoted by Macaulay: Essay on the Succession in Spain. [2]–The ruins of the Fuerza de Playa Honda, ó Real de Paynavén, are still to be seen in the present municipality of Botolan, Zambales. The walls are overgrown with rank vegetation, but are well preserved, with the exception of a portion looking toward the Bankal […]

  • Noli Me Tangere: Glossary

    Glossary abá: A Tagalog exclamation of wonder, surprise, etc., often used to introduce or emphasize a contradictory statement. abaka: “Manila hemp,” the fiber of a plant of the banana family. achara: Pickles made from the tender shoots of bamboo, green papayas, etc. alcalde: Governor of a province or district with both executive and judicial authority. […]

  • Noli Me Tangere: Epilogue

    Epilogue Since some of our characters are still living and others have been lost sight of, a real epilogue is impossible. For the satisfaction of the groundlings we should gladly kill off all of them, beginning with Padre Salvi and ending with Doña Victorina, but this is not possible. Let them live! Anyhow, the country, […]

  • Chapter 63

    CHAPTER LXIII Christmas Eve High up on the slope of the mountain near a roaring stream a hut built on the gnarled logs hides itself among the trees. Over its kogon thatch clambers the branching gourd-vine, laden with flowers and fruit. Deer antlers and skulls of wild boar, some with long tusks, adorn this mountain […]

  • Chapter 62

    CHAPTER LXII Padre Damaso Explains Vainly were the rich wedding presents heaped upon a table; neither the diamonds in their cases of blue velvet, nor the piña embroideries, nor the rolls of silk, drew the gaze of Maria Clara. Without reading or even seeing it the maiden sat staring at the newspaper which gave an […]

  • Chapter 61

    CHAPTER LXI The Chase on the Lake “Listen, sir, to the plan that I have worked out,” said Elias thoughtfully, as they moved in the direction of San Gabriel. “I’ll hide you now in the house of a friend of mine in Mandaluyong. I’ll bring you all your money, which I saved and buried at […]

  • Chapter 60 – Maria Clara Weds

    CHAPTER LX Capitan Tiago was very happy, for in all this terrible storm no one had taken any notice of him. He had not been arrested, nor had he been subjected to solitary confinement, investigations, electric machines, continuous foot-baths in underground cells:, or other pleasantries that are well-known to certain folk who call themselves civilized. […]

  • Noli Me Tangere: Chapter 59 – Patriotism and Private Interests

    Secretly the telegraph transmitted the report to Manila, and thirty-six hours later the newspapers commented on it with great mystery and not a few dark hints–augmented, corrected, or mutilated by the censor. In the meantime, private reports, emanating from the convents, were the first to gain secret currency from mouth to mouth, to the great […]

  • Noli Me Tangere: Chapter 58 – The Accursed

    Soon the news spread through the town that the prisoners were about to set out. At first it was heard with terror; afterward came the weeping and wailing. The families of the prisoners ran about in distraction, going from the convento to the barracks, from the barracks to the town hall, and finding no consolation […]