Formation and Administration of Chapters

The Charter of the Order including its Code of By-Laws authorizes the formation and administration of Municipal, City, Foreign and Institutional Chapters throughout the Philippines and in foreign countries. Section 6 of Republic Act 646 provides:

A group of five or more persons of legal age residing in any locality outside of Manila and who are of good moral character and reputation, may associate themselves and form -a chapter of the corporation (Order) upon approval of a written petition to the Supreme Council., It shall be the duty of each chapter to promote and carry out the purposes of the corporation in the locality where the chapter is organized.

Although the provision of law above requires only a minimum of five-(5) persons to be able to form a chapter, the by-laws of the Order requires at least nine (9) in order to complete the set of officers from Chapter Commander to the ‘last Trustee similar to the set of officers of the Supreme Council. This is actually designed and accepted by a long standing practice because it is felt that Chapter membership and activities is a good training ground for higher and bigger responsibili ties in the -Order.

The pertinent provision of the Code of By-Laws in connect~ ion with the formation of chapters is as follows:

A group of nine (9) or more persons of legal age, residing in any municipality or city and who are -of good moral character and reputation, may organize themselves into a chapter of ihe Order upon recommendation of the corresponding Regional Commander and approval in writing by the Supreme Council upon petition filed for the purpose. Provided, however, that only one chapter shall be permitted to organize. in a municipality or city.