Rizal as a political scientist

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By Henry F. Funtecha, Ph.D. – One of the surprising things about Dr. Jose Rizal that should be recognized by every Filipino is the relevance of his political thoughts in every step of our political development. This is particularly of great importance in the light of the many political issues and concerns that confront the […] Read more »

Singapore honors Rizal

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The Philippines’ national hero whose writings led to a revolution that established the first republic in Asia was given an honor in Singapore by way of a bronze bust relief recently unveiled in the city-states’ Asian Civilization Museum Green.

Translations of Rizal’s novels

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By Ambeth Ocampo MANILA, Philippines—There was a time that the big bookstore chain National Bookstore was so busy with other merchandise that books were actually neglected in their presentation and shelving. There was a small “Filipiniana” shelf for books on the Philippines and by Filipino authors, and everything else was arranged by subject, hence books […] Read more »

Rizal in the 21st century

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By Blooey P. Singson With the ‘Complete Jose Rizal, NHI and Filipiniana.net deliver Rizal in equal measure, providing a more balanced and accurate impression of both the man and the hero. Over the years, hundreds of books have been produced about Rizal, ever since the Rizal Bill (Republic Act 1425) was passed in 1956, mandating […] Read more »

147th Birthday of Dr. Jose Rizal Celebrated in Chicago

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By Sir Felix O. Gonzales, KGOR On June 19, the Office of the Consulate General and the Order of the Knights of Rizal, Central USA offered flowers at the foot of the Dr. Jose Rizal Monument in Chicago. The floral offering was headed by Consul General Blesila C. Cabrera and the consular staff […] Read more »

Rizal’s affair with ‘la petite’ Suzanne

by June 23, 2008
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By Ahmed Cuizon Jose Rizal’s romantic exploits wherever he went is legendary. But at age 29, did he really have an affair with a Belgian woman 16 years his senior? Apparently so, some historical accounts say. But Pros Slachmuylders, a Belgian, believes otherwise and shows evidence that history writers need to rectify the books.

Dr. Jose Rizal in Heidelberg

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By Rafael Castillo, MD HEIDELBERG, Germany—As one walks on the narrow streets and passages of the old town where centuries-old building have been preserved, one can appreciate a lot of history. And it’s heartening to note that our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, was somehow part of it. At the main square of the famous […] Read more »

Bouquets for our hero in Paris

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Place Dr José Rizal, on Rue Maubeuge, Paris 14th district. This year 2008, June 19 marked the first time that the commemorative plaques at sites in Paris visited by our national hero, Dr José Rizal, were decorated with flowers. Of the eleven sites in Paris, only six had the official plaques of the National […] Read more »

Rizal returns to Singapore

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Pasig City (20 June) — Over a century after his last visit, Dr. Jose Rizal, is once again back in his old stomping grounds in Singapore. The Philippine national hero was a frequent visitor of this now ultra-modern island-state. But in the late 19th century, Singapore was a quaint, English colony which greatly attracted the […] Read more »

147 years later, his memory lives on

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by Romy Sabaldan Davao City (20 June) — “147 years ago today, our country produced what would become one of the most revered heroes in Philippine history.” Thus, started the closing speech commemorating almost 15 decades of celebrating the birth anniversary of the country’s national hero – Dr. Jose Rizal.