Chapter 3

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Noli Me Tangere CHAPTER III – The Dinner Jele, jele, bago quiere.[27] Fray Sibyla seemed to be very content as he moved along tranquilly with the look of disdain no longer playing about his thin, refined lips. He even condescended to speak to the lame doctor, De Espadaña, who answered in monosyllables only, as he […] Read more »

Chapter 2

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Noli Me Tangere CHAPTER II – Crisostomo Ibarra It was not two beautiful and well-gowned young women that attracted the attention of all, even including Fray Sibyla, nor was it his Excellency the Captain-General with his staff, that the lieutenant should start from his abstraction and take a couple of steps forward, or that Fray […] Read more »

Chapter 1

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Noli Me Tangere: Chapter 1 – A Social Gathering On the last of October Don Santiago de los Santos, popularly known as Capitan Tiago, gave a dinner. In spite of the fact that, contrary to his usual custom, he had made the announcement only that afternoon, it was already the sole topic of conversation in […] Read more »