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Chapter 18

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CHAPTER XVIII – Souls in Torment It was about seven o’clock in the morning when Fray Salvi finished celebrating his last mass, having offered up three in the space of an hour. “The padre is ill,” commented the pious women. “He doesn’t move about with his usual slowness and elegance of manner.” He took off […] Read more »

Chapter 17

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CHAPTER XVII – Basilio La vida es sueño. Basilio was scarcely inside when he staggered and fell into his mother’s arms. An inexplicable chill seized Sisa as she saw him enter alone. She wanted to speak but could make no sound; she wanted to embrace her son but lacked the strength; to weep was impossible. […] Read more »

Chapter 16

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CHAPTER XVI – Sisa Through the dark night the villagers slept. The families who had remembered their dead gave themselves up to quiet and satisfied sleep, for they had recited their requiems, the novena of the souls, and had burned many wax tapers before the sacred images. The rich and powerful had discharged the duties […] Read more »

Chapter 15

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CHAPTER XV – The Sacristans The thunder resounded, roar following close upon roar, each preceded’ by a blinding flash of zigzag lightning, so that it might have been said that God was writing his name in fire and that the eternal arch of heaven was trembling with fear. The rain, whipped about in a different […] Read more »

Chapter 14

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CHAPTER XIV – Tasio: Lunatic or Sage The peculiar old man wandered about the streets aimlessly. A former student of philosophy, he had given up his career in obedience to his mother’s wishes and not from any lack of means or ability. Quite the contrary, it was because his mother was rich and he was […] Read more »

Chapter 13

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CHAPTER XIII – Signs of Storm As the old man was leaving the cemetery there stopped at the head of the path a carriage which, from its dust-covered appearance and sweating horses, seemed to have come from a great distance. Followed by an aged servant, Ibarra left the carriage and dismissed it with a wave […] Read more »

Chapter 12

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CHAPTER XII – All Saints The one thing perhaps that indisputably distinguishes man from the brute creation is the attention which he pays to those who have passed away and, wonder of wonders! this characteristic seems to be more deeply rooted in proportion to the lack of civilization. Historians relate that the ancient inhabitants of […] Read more »

Chapter 11

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CHAPTER XI – The Rulers Divide and rule. (The New Machiavelli.) Who were the caciques of the town? Don Rafael, when alive, even though he was the richest, owned more land, and was the patron of nearly everybody, had not been one of them. As he was modest and depreciated the value of his own […] Read more »

Chapter 10

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CHAPTER X – The Town Almost on the margin of the lake, in the midst of meadows and paddy-fields, lies the town of San Diego.[50] From it sugar, rice, coffee, and fruits are either exported or sold for a small part of their value to the Chinese, who exploit the simplicity and vices of the […] Read more »

Chapter 9

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CHAPTER IX – Local Affairs Ibarra had not been mistaken about the occupant of the victoria, for it was indeed Padre Damaso, and he was on his way to the house which the youth had just left. “Where are you going?” asked the friar of Maria Clara and Aunt Isabel, who were about to enter […] Read more »