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Chapter 28

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CHAPTER XXVIII – Correspondence Cada uno habla de la feria como le va en ella.[82] As nothing of importance to our characters happened during the first two days, we should gladly pass on to the third and last, were it not that perhaps some foreign reader may wish to know how the Filipinos celebrate their […] Read more »

Chapter 27

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CHAPTER XXVII – In the Twilight In Capitan Tiago’s house also great preparations had been made. We know its owner, whose love of ostentation and whose pride as a Manilan imposed the necessity of humiliating the provincials with his splendor. Another reason, too, made it his duty to eclipse all others: he had his daughter […] Read more »

Chapter 26

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CHAPTER XXVI – The Eve of the Fiesta It is now the tenth of November, the eve of the fiesta. Emerging from its habitual monotony, the town has given itself over to unwonted activity in house, church, cockpit, and field. Windows are covered with banners and many-hued draperies. All space is filled with noise and […] Read more »

Chapter 25

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CHAPTER XXV – In the House of the Sage On the morning of the following day, Ibarra, after visiting his lands, made his way to the home of old Tasio. Complete stillness reigned in the garden, for even the swallows circling about the eaves scarcely made any noise. Moss grew on the old wall, over […] Read more »

Chapter 24

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CHAPTER XXIV – In the Wood Early, very early indeed, somewhat differently from his usual custom, Padre Salvi had celebrated mass and cleansed a dozen sinful souls in a few moments. Then it seemed that the reading of some letters which he had received firmly sealed and waxed caused the worthy curate to lose his […] Read more »

Chapter 23

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CHAPTER XXIII – Fishing The stars still glittered in the sapphire arch of heaven and the birds were still sleeping among the branches when a merry party, lighted by torches of resin, commonly called huepes, made its way through the streets toward the lake. There were five girls, who walked along rapidly with hands clasped […] Read more »

Chapter 22

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CHAPTER XXII – Lights and Shadows Three days have passed since the events narrated, three days which the town of San Diego has devoted to making preparations for the fiesta, commenting and murmuring at the same time. While all were enjoying the prospect of the pleasures to come, some spoke ill of the gobernadorcillo, others […] Read more »

Chapter 21

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CHAPTER XXI – The Story of a Mother Andaba incierto–volaba errante, Un solo instante–sin descansar.[70] ALAEJOS. Sisa ran in the direction of her home with her thoughts in that confused whirl which is produced in our being when, in the midst of misfortunes, protection and hope alike […] Read more »

Chapter 20

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CHAPTER XX – The Meeting in the Town Hall The hall was about twelve to fifteen meters long by eight to ten wide. Its whitewashed walls were covered with drawings in charcoal, more or less ugly and obscene, with inscriptions to complete their meanings. Stacked neatly against the wall in one corner were to be […] Read more »

Chapter 19

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CHAPTER XIX – A Schoolmaster’s Difficulties El vulgo es necio y pues lo paga, es justo Hablarle en necio para darle el gusto.[62] LOPE DE VEGA. The mountain-encircled lake slept peacefully with that hypocrisy of the elements which gave no hint of how its waters had the night before responded to the fury of the […] Read more »